Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive Surgery

About Reconstructive Surgery

If you’ve been affected by traumatic injuries, burns, cancer, nerve injuries, or complex wounds that need reconstruction, turn to PCTRAN Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Phu C. Tran, MD, provides cutting-edge reconstructive surgery for men and women to create natural-looking beauty. Schedule an evaluation at PCTRAN Plastic Surgery by phone or online today.

Reconstructive Surgery Q&A

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery at PCTRAN Plastic Surgery uses innovative technology and techniques, along with Dr. Tran’s creative eye, to restore disfigured areas of your body. He can correct wounds, scars, and more, resulting from injuries, birth defects, cancer, and other diseases. Dr. Tran customizes reconstructive surgery procedures to match your situation and aesthetic goals.

Which conditions can reconstructive surgery address?

Reconstructive surgery at PCTRAN Plastic Surgery can address the following:

  • Deformities caused by cancer or its treatment
  • Burns
  • Hand injuries or deformities
  • Complex wounds
  • Nerve injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Skin lumps, bumps, lesions, and cancer
  • Foreign bodies

Dr. Tran uses surgery to restore form and function. He may combine multiple treatments during the same surgery to achieve an outstanding outcome. 

Which reconstructive surgery options are available?

Examples of reconstructive surgeries available at PCTRAN Plastic Surgery include:

Breast reconstruction

Dr. Tran reconstructs breast tissue after breast cancer or other breast surgeries. He might insert implants, alter breast tissue, and make your breasts more symmetrical. 

Breast reduction

If you’re unhappy with the size of larger breasts, Dr. Tran provides breast reduction surgery to decrease breast size and back strain. 

Hand surgery

Dr. Tran corrects hand deformities, such as Dupuytren contracture, swan-neck deformity, or boutonnière deformity, using cutting-edge methods during hand surgery.

Burn reconstructive surgery

Burn reconstructive surgery revitalizes and improves the appearance of skin damaged by burns.

Skin cancer reconstruction surgery

Skin cancer reconstruction surgery enhances your skin’s appearance after skin cancer removal. Dr. Tran removes skin tags, moles, foreign bodies, lipomas, suspicious skin lesions, and much more. He makes postsurgical scars appear much less noticeable.

Surgery for complex wounds

If you have a complex wound, Dr. Tran uses innovative surgical procedures to repair it with minimal scarring.


During microsurgery, Dr. Tran uses a microscope and very fine-tipped instruments. He may disconnect tissue from one part of your body and reconnect it in another area. 

Peripheral nerve surgery

PCTRAN Plastic Surgery offers peripheral nerve surgery if you have ongoing nerve pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments.

Which type of reconstructive surgery is best for me?

Dr. Tran discusses your symptoms and medical history, examines the affected areas of your body, and reviews your cosmetic goals. He personalizes a reconstructive surgery plan that provides natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results and a better quality of life.

Schedule a reconstructive surgery consultation at PCTRAN Plastic Surgery by phone or online today.